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STONECASTLE Amp Cover is, just like the Pedalcase, our own design patented product.

Here you have the ultimate solution on the everlasting gig and rehersal problem for amplifiers and speakers. The original floppy amp hood is far to sissy and a flightcase is far to chunky for the local transportation and weights almost as much as the amp itself. So, what to do??? 

Hey, you just buy an AMP COVER!! It protects your amp almost as good as a flightcase but has much less weight. The AMP COVER is made of the same uncrackable plastic as our Pedalcase. It also has aluminium profiles and steel corners. The inside is covered with thick plastic foam. You can kick the darn thing around the whole day without hurting your Amp!!

This makes the AMP COVER the best solution for anyone who moves his/her amp around often. It could be to the rehersal, the local club, or even on a professional tour. 

As an extra bonus the AMP COVER also works as the perfect amplifier stand!! Now you can stop looking for some wobbly office chair next time you have a company gig. 

The AMP COVER are all handmade and can be made for almost all models. 

They are not sold in any stores. Only direct from us. Call or E-mail for price!

                     STONECASTLE,  Bjurholmsplan 19, 116 63  Stockholm, Sweden.